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With our unique production process we can make a key tag in any shape or size that resonates with your business.

Key tags can be barcoded to work with your POS system and used for membership identification programs, frequent purchaser programs, and more. Retailers across the country have found that their customers prefer plastic key tags because they are always handy and seldom get lost.


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RFID-keyfobRFID keyfob is the extension products of normal ISO card,

which is designed and easy to carry. RFID keyfob is also called RFID key ring , which available in 125kHz (LF), 13.56 MHz (HF). They are widely used for access control system or attendance system.

Starnfc offer different kinds of keyfob shape with competitive price and good quality.

Key application
Security systems
Access control systems
Time attendance systems

Operating temperature: -25°С to +60°С
Waterproof, Dustproof.
Available IC´s 125KHz, 13,56MHz

Printing options
Printing the logo (silk-screen printing)
Laser Numbering, Inkjet print Numbering.

Get your branding in front of your customer every single time they grab their keys! Contact ID Vision Dubai for the high quality PVC tags, we supply the complete range in UAE, Middle east and Africa.

All of our cards are thoroughly inspected to make sure they are free of faults, dust particles and other debris that would compromise the print quality and the printers’ performance.


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