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Pyramid Series Proximity Readers

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125-kHz Proximity Card Readers – Quick Start Guide
Keypad Mode – Reference Document
Data Formats – Coming soon
125-kHz Pyramid Series Proximity Read Range – Reference Document
Control Cards – Reference Document
Credential Order Form – Order Form
Pyramid Series Bid Specification Document – Bid Specification Document

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Pyramid Series Proximity is recognized as an electronic-security benchmark for 125-kHz  proximity readers and credentials. Based upon proven contactless digital radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Pyramid Series products assure support with the widest range of standard electronic access control systems. Further, the line offers unique Farpointe-only features, such as MAXSecure™ and fleaPower™.

Proximity Readers

P-300 Cp1_300_100x100ascade Proximity Reader

The model P-300 is designed to be mounted to metal door and window frames.

Pp1_500_100x100-500 Alps Proximity Reader

The model P-500 is designed to be mounted to a standard North American single-gang wall switch box.

p530_100x100P-530 EuroMount Proximity Reader

The model P-530 is designed to be mounted to a standard European-sized (60 mm) wall switch box.

p640_100x100P-640 Patagonia Proximity Reader and Keypad

The model P-640 is designed to be mounted directly to standard North American sized single-gang wall box, and integrates both a proximity reader and keypad into a single unit making it ideal for applications requiring an access credential and/or personal identification number (PIN).

p710_100x100P-710 Andes Proximity Reader

Delivering a longer read range, the model P-710 is intended for applications calling for heightened levels of convenience, such as parking lots and high-volume employee entrances.

p900_100x100P-900 Proximity Reader

With a high-performance design, the P-900 is classified as a long range reader, and is capable of delivering read ranges of up to 20-inches (508 mm). The longer read range of the P-900 can add convenience to a wide range of access applications, including turnstiles and parking control.

Specialty Proximity Readers

p300_100x100MCR Proximity Readers

MCR Proximity Readers are specialty readers that support certain Indala® ASP Advantage Series Proximity formats, certain HID® 125-kHz proximity protocol, and Pyramid series 125-kHz proximity protocol.

p500_100x100EM Proximity Readers

EM Proximity Readers are specialty readers that support certain EM proximity formats, certain HID® 125-kHz proximity protocols, and certain native Pyramid proximity protocols.

Proximity Cards and Tags

psc1_100x100PSC-1 Standard Light Proximity Card

The model PSC-1 is a clamshell-style proximity card backed by a lifetime warranty.

psi4_100x100PSI-4 Image Technology Proximity Card

The model PSI-4 is a thicker-format (0.046 inches (1.17 mm)) proximity card appropriate for dye sublimation imaging.

psm2_100x100PSM-2 Multi-Technology Proximity Card

The model PSM-2P is an ISO-style multi technology style proximity card appropriate for dye sublimation imaging. Model number with a magnetic stripe is PSM-2S.

psk3_100x100PSK-3 Proximity Key Ring Tag

The model PSK-3 is a small proximity tag designed to be carried on a key ring, includes a re-enforcing brass eyelet, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

pdt1_100x100PDT-1 Proximity Disc Tag

With strong and reliable adhesive on one side, the PDT-1 is designed to be attached to other credentials in environments where multiple readers are present.


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