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Vehicle Access Control


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Most modern cities suffer from increasing amounts of traffic in city centers and shopping zones. Congestion and discomfort with pedestrians are often the result of that. Nedap can put you back in control of traffic with our solution for smart city access control.

You are in control

Authorize retailers get access with a transponder. Suppliers only get access within certain timeframes using their license plates. Police, fire trucks and ambulances always have swift access with heavy duty RFID tags. City representatives may get access with their normal access badge.

Authorizing vehicles and people, monitoring the situation, looking back at camera footage, manually opening barriers, opening an intercom connection: all this can be dealt with remotely from the city hall or any other (secured) location using a web based interface.

In case of incidents, a legally approved event log book can be used to prevent liability issues.

One that controls all

Entrances to the city can be equipped with our controllers that will connect to:

  • Barriers, bollards, gates
  • Vehicle identification readers: RFID and ANPR
  • People identification readers
  • Traffic lights
  • Intercom
  • Overview cameras
  • And other local equipment

Controllers are connected to a hosted service that runs on our data center. The server can be approached with any web based client. Controllers maintain operational even if the connection to the server is lost.

This solution is sold, installed and supported by a specific group of certified Nedap partners for City Access Control.


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