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Vehicle Detection


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The smart way to park

The core of the Nedap SENSIT system consists of wireless sensors that monitor occupancy of each individual parking bay. Both the parking bay status and the duration of occupancy are monitored. This information is made available on a hosted software platform that can be used to monitor system operation and to integrate the system easily with third party systems for parking guidance, parking management, reporting or parking enforcement.

Benefits operators and users

Over the past few years the business case for this system has been proven. Cities, airports and other environments will enjoy the increase of traffic flow through the reduction of search traffic. In an average city approximately 30% of all traffic consists of motorists trying to find an empty parking bay. Assisting these people to find a parking bay will definitely have a positive impact on traffic flow and visitor satisfaction. It will also add to the reduction emission levels.

SENSIT will also help in better and faster utilization of your parking facilities, thus preventing unnecessary investments in additional parking facilities. Parking violations can be detected and enforced efficiently and effectively.

The system that actually works

Nedap has started developing the SENSIT system in 2006 and were one of the first to identify the potential of sensor technology for parking management. Real life experience and significant annual effort and investments have resulted in a system that has proven itself in a variety of applications.

High accuracy levels, a fast wireless network and a proven battery life of more than five years have resulted in high confidence levels with our partners and clients. Our organizational size, engineering capability, financial position and international presence reassures them that Nedap is the partner that will continue to support them in projects of any size in any part of the world.


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