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Vehicle Identification


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Nedap has been leading the market for automatic vehicle identification for over a decade. We offer a variety of readers and tags to identify vehicles and optionally the drivers of those vehicles. These systems are used in applications related to security, parking and logistics.

You know who is driving

To enable the automatic identification of the vehicle and driver we support three platforms:

  • TRANSIT: Microwave RFID readers with battery supported tags.
  • uPASS: UHF readers with battery-less RFID tags.
  • ANPR: License plate recognition readers.

All these systems can easily be connected to any system for access control, parking management and traffic management.

TRANSIT: Maximize perimeter security with accurate vehicle and driver identification

The TRANSIT platform operates at 2,45 GHz frequency and uses so called semi-active transponders with batteries. The technology has proven itself in numerous high end applications worldwide. Millions of taxis, buses, ambulances, trucks and other vehicles are identified on a daily basis using this Nedap technology.What makes the system truly unique is our ‘Booster’ technology. Our Booster 2G is a smart combination of transponder and card reader. It reads normal access control cards (Legic, HID, MIFARE, etc) and sends the driver information and the vehicle information to the reader and from there on to the access control system. It enables authorization of both the vehicle and the driver.

uPASS: Cost-effective solution for convenient access to parking related facilities

Our uPASS product line consists of readers that use UHF frequency (appr. 900 MHz). Tags come in different shapes, including convenient windshield sticker tags. Our readers are conforming to the EPC Gen II standard, including the latest second version that includes tag authentication.UHF readers and tags are a great option for all projects that rely on the EPC standard and that have a limited budget for tags. uPASS Reach is designed for vehicle access to commercial car parks and residential areas, such as gated communities and condominiums.

ANPR: Vehicle access control based on license plate recognition

Our ANPR readers are specifically designed for vehicle access control and free flow (barrier-free) applications. A powerful embedded OCR engine interprets the information on the license plate. The readers can easily be integrated to your system for access control or parking management. The ANPR Access can also operate stand alone. This all-one-system has all intelligence (software and reading) onboard, making it easy to configure through a web interface. Additionally, the camera’s optional Wiegand Interface Module ensures a seamless integration into any access control system. LPR is the best option for situations where it is not possible to equip vehicles with transponders or tags.


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